This website features resources for use by nurses in their efforts against COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2. These resources aim to support nurses from diverse backgrounds, including low- and middle-income countries, and are included in multiple languages when possible. As COVID-19 information is rapidly changing, new resources will continue to be added to the site. If there are additional resources you feel we should include, please reach out to us at ysncovidquestions@yale.edu.

Scholarly literature related to COVID-19 is available here: LitCovid. The LitCovid database provides a current, and growing, list of all peer-reviewed scientific literature related to COVID-19. The curated list can be filtered by topic, and searched by terms such as “nurs*” to more quickly find articles of interest.

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  • Social Distancing: Keep your distance to slow the spread

    This website describes social distancing and why practicing it is important as a part of disease prevention. This information is available in Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, and Chinese.
  • COVID-19 travel advice

    Travel advice from the WHO provides up-to-date briefs on topics including traffic, travel, and trade across the globe since January 2020.
  • Strategic priority for infection control in non-US healthcare settings

    Guidance for national-level coordination, healthcare facilities, and implementing partners in planning high-priority IPC activities to prevent healthcare-associated transmission of COVID-19. Aspects of this document are relevant for all countries, but a focus is placed on priorities for low- and middle-income settings given resource constraints.